Friday, April 26, 2013

Atlantis: The 2nd Age Kickstarter

What do you get when you mix Elric, Conan, and a D20?  You get Atlantis: The 2nd Age. For someone who loves the genre of sword & sorcery, this is probably the most enticing copy that has ever been written.  It is for this reason that I gleefully decided to support Jerry Grayson's Kickstarter project to relaunch the rpg Atlantis: The 2nd Age. 

Even better, I recently had the opportunity to participate in a one-shot adventure which was run by Mr. Grayson, the mastermind behind this hellenistic reboot.  I'd prefer not to blather on about the game, because you can learn about it directly from Jerry, at

It should also be pointed out that Jerry is one of the brains behind Khepera Press, which produced the great games Godsend Agenda and my beloved Hellas.  I haven't had a chance to play Godsend Agenda, but I've heard nothing but good things about it.  Hellas, in my humble opinion, is one the best games that has been produced in the last decade.  The production values are outstanding, and the concept is even better.  I am, therefore, quite excited that Atlantis is the hands of such a capable press, and that it seems to share similarities with Hellas.

Atlantis, as the name implies, is an antediluvian setting.  As such, it teems with sandals, swordsman, cunning sorcerers, and most of the other tropes that one expects to find in a sword & sorcery game.  All this iron-thewed goodness is fueled by the same system that propelled the outstanding Talislanta 4th edition.  That is to say, a single D20, a bit of number crunching, and reference to a simple table - period.  That's about as complicated as it gets.  One rule to rule them all, as the saying goes.

A system such as this easily accommodates a free-flowing, cinematic type of game, and suits the genre quite well.  During the one-shot, I played Callidus, a scarred Atlantean swordsman.  It should be said that characters in Atlantis are a cut above the unwashed masses, and they begin their journey far more skilled and storied than beginning characters in other fantasy rpgs.  While some people may not appreciate this, I am a big fan of portraying heroic characters with rich backgrounds.  It goes without saying, then, that I enjoyed every minute of it of Jerry's play-test.  I'd provide a post-play rundown of what happened, but I think Jerry plans to run the adventure again, so I won't spoil it for anyone else.

I could speak ad nauseam about how great this game is going to be, but no one wants to hear my prattle, least of all me.  Visit the Kickstarter page and have a look.  Jerry is kind enough to provide a hefty .pdf of the rules for folks to review.  I believe that the game has changed significantly since the publication of this .pdf, but the document certainly provides enough flavor to let you know quite clearly what Atlantis is all about, and what it aspires to accomplish.

I should also mention that Jerry is a really wonderful guy.  I had a great time getting to know him during the one-shot, and  I am happy to support this project.  I look forward to the finished product.  

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  1. Whoaha???!!! How'd I miss this?!?!?! Totally awesome!

    ~Adaen of Bridgewater