Monday, September 24, 2012

A List of NPCS in My Campaign

Here is a list of NPCS who, to a lesser or greater degree, figure into my campaign.

Arvik Crool is a Crimson Isle warlord bent upon subjugating the entire world.  Like the majority of his ilk, Crool indulges in bizarre rites of torture, and festoons his armor with tokens of those whom he’s tortured and cannibalized.  He masks the upper half of his face in skin - a woman's or child's, perhaps.  Through perverse acts of sorcery, Crool has warped and mutilated his body – a common practice among the denizens of this island nation. 
Balthazar is the head of a particularly vicious crime syndicate known as The Long Hoods.  He is cruel and possesses an explosive temper.  Although he is missing his right hand, Balthazar is one of the most capable swordsmen in Hrulvir.  Most are loathe to cross him.
The Popol Vuh stains its sackcloth robes in the steaming blood of its sacrifices.  Its aim is to sow pain as frequently as possible.  Its adherents support their cult by engaging in assassination, kidnapping, arson, and interrogation.   They are ruthless, unappeasable cannibals that worship suffering for its own sake.
The Dark Ladies currently lead the Pilferers’ Union.  They are three conjoined twins, beautiful and jealous of everyone and everything - including each other. 
Dobbas is an alcoholic fence with a dark past.  He spends most of his time at The Frigid Moon, a tavern nestled within the seediest portion of The Narrows. Dobbas actually owns this establishment, but he doesn't run it. 
Frost is tall, beautiful, and has thorny hair that sprouts from her head.  She is quite friendly, and has a soft spot for the downtrodden.    Rumor has it that she once had a brother who left one day and never returned, but not before he forced himself upon her.  Although Frost has many suitors, she has declined every marriage proposal, much to the chagrin of her callers.
The Giant is a cannibalistic hunter hired by the sorcerer Arvik Crool to apprehend Jaliel.  It was killed by Yauk and Jethris during a fierce battle in the city of Hrulvir.  It was barely prevented from achieving its task.
Jaliel is a freelance cutpurse who has incurred the wrath of every crime syndicate in Hrulvir.  Every inch of his skin is covered with magic sigils, the product of his stint as a servant during his youth The Crimson Isle.  He has many enemies, including former friends whose lives have been ruined via association with him.
Jaliel was once Arvic Crool’s slave.  As such, Jaliel was subject to the worst of Crool’s excesses.  In point of fact, Crool etched his extensive list of spells and conjurations into Jaliel’s flesh.  His intent was to flay Jaliel alive, once the final inch of flesh was covered in profane sigils and runes.  Jaliel escaped before Crool could accomplish this loathsome task.
Lady Dychae is a wealthy noble who enjoys slumming with men culled from Hrulvir’s underbelly.  Her morbid obesity hasn't prevented her from successfully enticing a steady procession of men to follow her into her bedchamber.  
Lord Azathoth IV is the current Vozhd of Hrulvir.  He is a dour man with a cleft pallet and furtive eyes.  He is abstemious and prefers to spend his time within spacious libraries studying the endless historical tracts that are entombed within those somber walls.  Some believe that his wife Gertrude is the true power within the city.

In fact, Gertrude was married to Azathoth’s older brother until he died mysteriously and his son was exiled from the city.  Since scandal is very common in Hrulvir, no one paid too much attention to this intrigue.

Madam Nu’s House of Pleasure is the premier brothel in Hrulvir.  Madam Nu claims that she hails from a faraway empire of mist-shrouded jade, that she was the youngest of thirteen daughters, and that her father was the benevolent ruler of an empire that stretched through time and space.  While most of Nu’s clients find her tales entertaining, most know better than to ask Nu what an emperor’s daughter is doing in a dingy city managing a brothel – albeit an upscale one.
The Pilferers’ Union is one of the myriad criminal syndicates operating in Hrulvir.  Their activities are relegated mostly to The Narrows and the wharves, but their influence is slowly growing.  

Sepharis Vulnoor is a typical Hrulvirian noble:  tall, arrogant, and particularly unimaginative.  His primary fixation seems to be fashion.  Unlike most of his ilk, Sepharis has mercantile interests throughout the city, which, among the more conservative of his class, is scandalous.

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