Sunday, December 30, 2012

100 Physical Features

I am sick today and a bit bored, so I decided to put together a quick list of one-hundred distinguishing features that I plan to use in my game.

100 Distinguishing Features 

1. Teeth have been filed to sharp points (1d6 bite damage).
2. Wears a necklace of shriveled ears.
3. Missing  a hand.
4. Missing fingers
5. Missing nose.
6. Several tattoos.
7. Armor of distinct color, design, or make. 
8. Body covered with ritualized scars.
9. Peculiar odor.
10. Speaks with an unknown accent or impediment.
11. Possesses and odd pet.
12. Gregarious and friendly.
13. Awkward gait or limp.
14. Burned skin.
15. Carries and oversized weapon.
16. Uncharacteristically tall or short.  Oddly proportioned in some manner.
17. Carries a broken set of manacles.  
18. Wears an eyepatch.
19. Interesting hairstyle. 
20. Under the influence of an odd narcotic.
21. Narcoleptic.
22. Prone to sleepwalking.
23. Carries a set of ivory dice.
24. Nearsighted or otherwise visually impaired.
  1. Compulsive liar.
  2. Offers anyone who'll listen a fake treasure map.
  3. Carries and attempts to play an exotic stringed instrument.
  4. Claims that he or she was once a professional executioner.
  5. Androgynous.
  6. Sweats inordinately
  7. Afflicted by some unknown disease.
  8. Self-concious about a physical feature.
  9. Glances about furtively.
  10. Two different colored eyes.
  11. Refuses to remove their hood.
  12. Soiled garments.
  13. Obsequious, or otherwise annoying disposition.
  14. Obsessively sharpens their weapons.
  15. Garments are too small or too large.
  16. Leather armor is dry and creaks loudly when they walk.
  17. Bloodstained armor.
  18. Long criminal record.
  19. Wanted for a crime that they may or may not have committed.
  20. Distant relative of an important NPC in the game.
  21. Pregnant.
  22. Proud parent.
  23. Attempting to start a business in the city center.
  24. Recently murdered and resurrected.
  25. Searching for a long-lost relative.
  26. Footwear on the wrong feet, two left shoes, etc.
  27. Clothing made of an odd material.
  28. No clothing, or they're obviously missing an article of clothing (shirt, pants, etc.).
  29. Louse-ridden, or otherwise infested with some sort of parasite.
  30. A reanimated corpse.
  31. A former slave or currently enslaved.
  32. Starved appearance.
  33. Down on their luck.
  34. AWOL.
  35. Traitorous.
  36. Owes money to a powerful syndicate.
  37. The head of a small, but up-and-coming crime ring.
  38. Attracted to one of the PCs.
  39. Phobic (spiders, wizards, etc.).
  40. Poorly trained.
  41. Extremely young or old.
  42. Soft-spoken.
  43. Insomniac.
  44. Vacant stare.
  45. Experiences intense nightmares.
  46. Always hungry or thirsty.
  47. Odd facial hair, unkempt appearance.
  48. Boorish behavior.
  49. Fastidious.
  50. Urbane and arrogant.
  51. Refuses to wear attire that is not a specific color (s).
  52. Snake charmer.
  53. Skilled at cooking exotic cuisine.
  54. Short attention span.
  55. Convinced that they are the opposite gender.
  56. Extra toe or finger.
  57. Extra nipple.
  58. Convinced that a birthmark is an additional eye.
  59. Hirsute.
  60. Savage.
  61. Siamese twin.
  62. Simian appearance.
  63. Underbite or overbite.
  64. Stutter or other impediment.
  65. Dense.
  66. Corpulent.
  67. Flatulent.
  68. Flamboyant sobriquet.
  69. Falsely claims a noble title.
  70. A charlatan and quack.
  71. Offers to kill one of the PCs' enemies for modest fee.
  72. Arrested several times for writing defamatory graffiti in public places.
  73. A member of an obscure cult.
  74. A priest of a fake religion.
  75. Wears cloak made of a fake animal fur.
  76. Alleges that they are able to see and commune with spirits.

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