Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kite Fighting and Poverty

Since Hrulvir is built on a system of hills, many of the poorest neighborhoods are built upwards in a series of terraced alleyways created by a one level of shanties being built upon the next.  These neighborhoods (The Narrows, for example) are cities unto themselves, and generally managed and ruled by one or more of the countless gangs that operate within the shadows.  Recently, The Ravens have made some inroads into these heretofore lawless regions, so it is not uncommon to stumble upon patrols as they attempt to ferret out the gangs.

The children who grow up in these regions are known to fly beautifully colored kites.  So skilled are these children that they often engage in ritualistic kite fights.  The fights are carried out by affixing pieces of sharpened glass to kite strings, using wax, or some other substance.  The intent is to cut one's opponent's strings.

There are, in point of fact, sanctioned bouts between various gangs of kite flyers which take place on specific days of the year.  In the beginning, these bouts were intended to simply sever one another's kite strings so that the loser's kite would be carried off by the wind and either devoured by the ocean or smashed against one of the myriad cold stone towers.

Since nobody wishes to lose a kite, secondary strings are employed, and flyers will endeavor cut this extra string, which is usually dyed a bright color.  The contestants will usually wager a few coins, or, possibly their kite.

It goes without saying that a great deal of time and effort is put into making these kites. Some of the them are sought-after works of art.  It has also been suggested that some of the cagier of the children involved in this past time have learned to infuse their kites with sorcerous powers.

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