Tuesday, January 8, 2013

20 Rumors

Here are twenty rumors that one may hear while traipsing through Hrulvir.

1)      The Lord of Whispers commands legions.
2)      Those found guilty of trafficking in sorcery are fed to beasts that lurk in the belly of the citadel.
3)      The Old Ones have demon blood threaded through their veins.
4)      When the Nine-Headed Crone bears three sons, the sky will hemorrhage blood and dogs will gnaw upon the bones of stars.
5)     The Old Ones were granted Orichalcum by their profane gods in exchange for the sacrifice of their firstborn children.
6)     River eels slither onto land and eat children.
7)     Groan will not pardon your sins on The Day of Secrets unless you write your name on your confession.
8)     Priests of Groan blackmail parishioners who are foolish enough to write names on their confessions.
9)      If you lacquer your blade in your own blood before a battle, you will be victorious.
10)   You will deter pickpockets if you cut off a thief’s finger and wear it around your neck.
11)   Thieves’ Finger is a medicinal herb that will staunch bleeding, suture wounds, and mend crushed bone.
12)   A subterranean city exists beneath the sewers.
13)   Ruins of the old empire jut from the earth like splintered bone.
14)   If a crone murders a girl and drinks her blood, she will become young for a year and a day.
15)   The Vozhd, neither seen nor heard, is a golem stitched together from the rotting flesh of the former rulers of Hrulvir.
16)   It is inauspicious to kill a raven.
17)   Something terrifying lurks in brine of the old sewers.
18)   The Old Ones bide their time, and should not be allowed to live among us.
19)   Although impolite, it is nonetheless auspicious to brag on certain days.
20)   Rats are sacred. 

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