Monday, January 21, 2013

The Spider God's Bride

I purchased an electronic version The Spider God's Bride, through DTRPG.  Mongoose has threatened to publish this product for quite some time, but I was beginning to believe that it would never see the light of day.  In short, although I was about to give up on this, now that I've seen it, and can say unequivocally that the the wait was worthwhile.

Mongoose did a great job of adapting this product for their Legend System, which is itself an adaptation of the old BRP version of Runequest.  I have never played Legend, but it's quite compatible with the BRP rules that I'm using to rune my Hrulvir campaign.

In addition to providing several pages worth of information on setting, religion, and magic.  The tone I think closely mirrors that of Howard or Clark Ashton Smith.   The world is very exotic and antediluvian in tone.  There are tons of sun-bleached runs, nefarious cults, and tawny swordsmen.  I think that anyone interested in running a sword and sorcery game in the vein of Howard or Smith could do a lot worse than the setting that is presented in this book.

Since I am hoping to evoke more of medieval, city state feel,  I am probably going to draw more heavily from the ten adventures outlined in the book than I am from the setting - as wonderful as it is.  Without giving anything away, these adventures are modular, flavorful, and are packed with all the tropes that one would expect to encounter in a collection of sword & sorcery scenarios.  There are plenty of scheming nobles, creepy cultists, and countless opportunities for derring do.

I am going to choose one of the adventures and adapt to my setting for an upcoming gaming session. I look forward to doing so immensely.  

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