Friday, January 25, 2013

The Dead God's Palm

Although this game world is being built collaboratively, I've decided to shoehorn in a huge swathe of wasteland called The Dead God's Hand.  This waste, east of the Barrier Peaks, is bone-dry ocean marred by a thousand caravan routes, strange ruins, and fearsome tribes that are nations unto themselves.  Additionally, I am using the wonderful Spider God's Bride for inspiration.  As much as I love the setting that is outlined in the book, I have decided to graft it onto world that I and my players are building.   It would be cool if the characters stumbled upon a relic such as the one that appears in this photo.  I notice that there's graffiti written upon.  What if the entire thing was defaced with profane sigils known only to a secretive desert cult that worships a slumbering god?  The ideas are endless.

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