Tuesday, January 8, 2013

River Eels

The black water of the River Hrul teems with gigantic eels.  The terrifying beasts are rumored to be able slither onto land to capture prey.  Despite their ferocity, these creatures are caught and sold by the rough fishermen who reside within the meaner districts of Hrulvir, as well as the many towns and villages that exist along the River.  Many of these fishermen have been practicing this trade for multiple generations, and they are extremely proud of this dangerous calling.  It is not unheard of for a large eel to yank fishermen from their boats and attack them.

Although eel meat is not necessarily the tastiest fare, it is abundant and takes seasoning well.  In addition to protein, eel hide is used for all sorts of accouterments, since it is as supple and as sturdy as leather.  Thieves and assassins often wear eel skin armor, since it is light, cheap, and protective.

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